Today was a big day for marketing and stuffing envelopes eeurgh! Im also sure most of you have seen the updates to my lovely webpage. I now have a few more new gallery’s within my collections. Sweetness & Light now has a gallery for Man’s Best Friend (pets) and an Ooh La La section (heavily styled images…i just love those kind of shoots).

Sweetness & Light is now happy to provide Gift a monthly special offer which at the moment is 10% off all collections, throughout September. These offers will be changing every month…so keep your eye open.

Dont forget its just over three months until christmas, why not give the gift of beautiful portraiture? All of Sweetness & Lights collections can be tailored around your needs, plus unlimited printing rights are included for every client. An excellent idea for gift giving as you can make a lovely copy for all the family!

Anway, I’ll leave you with a nice little Ooh La la moment from one of my collections x