Today was a great start for sweetness & light!
Had a great meeting with my framist today, honed it down to a beautiful hand picked collection exclusively for my clients. Very contemporary, yet timeless in approach to style. The collection chosen reflects sweetness & light perfectly and continues with our aim of high quality!
Ive been commisioned to shoot a new headshot and folio for an amazing up-and-coming actor in Manchester city centre this weekend…so ill keep you guys posted. I really just hope the weathers not too bad!
Weve had lots of hits on the webpage now its live, and are excited to see the response our full
Marketing (when underway next week) brings about.
If you have any comments or questions i would love to hear from you!
Were really building a strong following on twitter and facebook, cant wait to see you on there!
Im now going to leave you with an unbelievably striking portrait…until tommorow!